The Vikings of Bjornstad

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Jack Garrett VikingsThe Vikings are one of the most recognizable cultures in history – but much of that image is wrong. This presentation will clarify who they were, when they flourished, how they lived, and what influence they had on the world around them – and us. The presentation will include reproductions of artifacts from the Viking Age and reenactments in authentic clothing and equipment.

“The Vikings of Bjornstad “ is a living history and educational group, concentrating of the Viking age- from 793 through 1066AD. The group strives for an authentic presentation of the culture, weapons and crafts from thousands of years ago. Including Viking , Norman and Anglo-Saxon reenactment. Bjornstad has been filmed twice for History Channel productions and has provided extras, weaponry, clothing and props for several independent film projects. Bjornstad members work with educational and Scandinavian heritage groups to provide a balanced view of history’s most fascinating periods and cultures. The group sets up authentic encampments at many events throughout California.

Visit their web site at www.vikingsofbjornstad.com. For information contact Jack Garrett at garrett@pacbell.net.