February 23, 2014

David Loeb


Use this audio player to listen to David's presentation.

David LoebWhy are stories of local nature important? Understanding the natural processes where we live can be an antidote to the fragmented and alienated character of modern culture and society. David Loeb, the publisher of Bay Nature magazine discusses the two fundamental natural processes that have shaped and continue to shape the ecosystems of the Bay Area: Plate tectonics and the California current/upwelling. He then describes a much newer yet equally powerful force that is beginning to have a tremendous impact on our local landscapes: Climate change. He will also discuss how a magazine like Bay Nature provides an important resource for understanding and confronting these significant changes.

David Loeb is the publisher of Bay Nature magazine and executive director of the Bay Nature Institute. A New Yorker by birth, Loeb moved to the Bay Area immediately after graduating from Harvard College in 1973 and has never left. After working for 15 years on publications supporting human rights and democracy in Latin America, Loeb partnered with Malcolm Margolin of Heyday Books to launch Bay Nature magazine in 2001. An avid hiker and recreational cyclist and kayaker, Loeb has explored many of the wild and diverse natural landscapes of the Bay Area.


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